Welcome to the March 2012 issue of AgeWise King County!


Barbara Lezon attends EnhanceFitness classes at South East Seattle Senior Center. "I love the companionship, and the classes help keep me younger and more flexible," she says. "I can move inside and outside because of the exercises we do. I’m down on my hands and knees in the spring, weeding and planting, I do my own housecleaning. And I’m a part-time caregiver. I'm only stiff in the mornings, and I know I’d be a lot stiffer if I didn’t go to class. I would encourage other seniors to take this class—it does me a lot of good!"

What is fitness? Dictionaries will tell you that fitness is the state or condition of being fit. But there's more to it than that—fitness embraces both tangible and intangible qualities that allow a person to live a happy, well-balanced life. Physical health is a big part of it, but most people find they are happiest when they are involved in intellectual and social activities, too. Research backs this up.

This month's issue of AgeWise King County examines physical, mental, cognitive, and financial fitness; chronic conditions such as obesity and heart disease; and local resources for caregiving, assistive technology, urban design, and tax assistance.

Also in this newsletter, we're reporting on Senior Lobby Day, which occurred Thursday, February 23. For better or worse, the status of legislation affecting older adults and individuals with disabilities changes rapidly. For legislative priorities and updates, please visit any of the following websites:

Get moving, stay connected, make a difference!

Diane Snell, Chair
Seattle-King County Advisory Council
for Aging and Disability Services