Northwest Senior Games Promotes Health and Fitness for People Age 50+

"Participating in the Track and Field events was a unique opportunity for personal challenge. Everyone was very helpful in instructing me and encouraging me...not only the officials but also the contestants. There is a spirit of camaraderie that I have never experienced before. I have developed a new circle of friends through the games."


"At 53, this was my first bike race of any kind. I had a blast. OK, so I finished last in my division. I did the time I was expecting and it was great to be able to participate in an event like this. I hope to do better next year. Loved it!"


"My participation in the NWSG Table Tennis Tournament the last six years has been a rewarding experience. It has enabled me to stay fit, healthy and meet new people. I have enjoyed the competition and the social atmosphere as well as the exercise. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity each and every year. Looking forward to this year's games, as always."

— Larry

The mission of the Northwest Senior Games is to promote healthy lifestyles, physical activity and fitness and provide a positive public image for people age 50+ through participation in positive athletic competitions that promote healthy aging and venues for social engagement. It's a mini-Olympics format for athletes to compete against those in their own age group in more than 12 different sports and activities including track and field, ice hockey, pickleball, swimming, tennis, badminton, table tennis, cycling, dance, golf, 10K walk, half marathon and bocce ball.

The nonprofit Northwest Senior Games' board is made up of residents age 50+ and representatives from Redmond and Seattle city agencies that specialize in recreation and community services. People who participate in the Northwest Senior Games live throughout the Puget Sound Region and beyond. The Northwest Senior Games is affiliated with the Washington State Senior Games, whose board works with the National Senior Games and Washington State’s other local Senior Games to insure quality and coordination.

The Northwest Senior Games provides opportunities for athletes to compete in the greater Puget Sound region and is open to anyone age 50+ who meets the qualifying criteria. Those of us with the Northwest Senior Games hope to achieve three outcomes:

  1. Provide opportunities for participants to increase physical activity and competitive experience while having fun.
  2. Encourage people to age in healthy ways and connect them to information and opportunities.
  3. Increase participation in and encourage development of senior sport leagues and other 50+ competitions year round.

Since 1998, the Northwest Senior Games has provided athletes of all abilities, age 50 and older, the opportunity to participate recreationally or competitively in various sports. There are no other events in the Northwest that better foster the spirit of fun, competition and camaraderie.

For more information, contact Northwest Senior Games executive director Blaine Schultz at 360-826-6703 or visit

—Blaine Schultz, Northwest Senior Games