Walk Bike Ride Challenge

Looking for some motivation to get active this spring? The City of Seattle's Walk Bike Ride Challenge is a great motivator!

Here's the Challenge: change two trips per week from a car trip to some other form of transportation, such as walking, biking, or riding transit. Each round of the Walk Bike Ride Challenge lasts two months. The next round starts in May.


Karlyn B. bought a scooter as a
50th birthday present to herself.

Research shows that walking can also help prevent depression, reduce stress, and improve sleep. For older people, walking helps keep the mind sharp, improves balance, and reduces the risk of falling. Walking is also vital to our communities, providing natural opportunities to interact with friends and neighbors.

"I had fun participating in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge," said Karlyn B. "I bought a scooter as a 50th birthday present to myself last fall. I began using my scooter as the first leg of my commute (1.5 miles) and taking the 303 or 41 bus to my job downtown from Northgate. I also found how much more I learned about my neighborhood and my neighbors when traveling by scooter instead of car. I learned one of the neighbors on my scooter route is a fabulous gardener and has chickens in his back yard!"

Karlyn's story illustrates that you can learn a lot about your neighborhood and surroundings when you choose active transportation. She also shows that it is never too late to change the way that you travel.

There are great prizes in each round, such as REI gift cards, and participants are also entered to win year-end grand prizes. In 2011, Karlyn won a one-night stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel for her participation in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge. Last year's grand prizes included a one-night stay at the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel and an electric bike.

The Walk Bike Ride Challenge provides participants with an online trip tracker that calculates the number of miles, gas, and carbon dioxide you save during the challenge. Participants are provided with helpful tips and information about alternative transportation. Staff is available to help participants overcome hurdles.

To learn more or register for the Walk Bike Ride Challenge, visit www.seattle.gov/waytogo or e-mail waytogo@seattle.gov.

—Kara Culgin, Seattle Department of Transportation