Get Your Social Security Statement Online

Do you remember receiving a Social Security statement in the mail? It provided valuable information regarding your Social Security benefits, including estimates of your future payments. Now you can get the Social Security statement online.

The new online statement is simple, easy-to-use, and provides people with estimates they can use to plan for their retirement. The statement also provides estimates for disability and survivors benefits, making it an important financial planning tool.

In addition to helping with financial planning, the online statement provides workers a convenient way to determine whether their earnings are accurately posted to their Social Security records. This feature is important because Social Security benefits are based on average earnings over a person's lifetime. If your information is incorrect, you may not receive proper benefits.

The online statement can be saved or printed for future reference. It's handy for discussions with family members or a financial planner.

To get a personalized online statement, you must be age 18 or older and must be able to provide information about yourself that matches information already on file with Social Security. In addition, Social Security uses Experian, an external authentication service provider, for further verification. You must provide identifying information and answer security questions in order to pass this verification. Social Security will not share your Social Security number with Experian but the identity check is an important part of a thorough verification process.

When your identity is verified, you can create a "My Social Security" account with a unique user name and password to access your online statement. In addition, your online statement includes links to information about other online Social Security services, such as applications for retirement, disability, and Medicare.

For more information, visit or contact the Social Security Administration, with offices located in Bellevue, Burien, Kent, Lynnwood, and several locations in Seattle.

—Kirk Larson, Social Security Western Washington