Take a Stroll and Find Magic

While walking though one of Seattle's downtown parks in late afternoon, on one of those jewel sort of Tuesdays or Thursdays in July, you might notice a bandstand marking one end of the wide, flat concrete and a dance floor stretched out, looking inviting but empty. A couple of attendants might still be stringing up carnival lights and rows of chairs may already flank the floor.

Taking advantage of an easy seat, you would see musicians roll out of a van, and then casually putter on stage. One of the attendants would announce that there would be a free one-hour beginner lesson and dancing after and everyone was invited. And, as if by some universal cue, people would emerge from every direction.

Step out this summer with Dancing 'Til Dusk! Photo courtesy of Constance Brinkley via Dance for Joy. For more photos, visit Brinkley Street Shots.

Some hail each other, some look shy, some together, some alone, all different kinds and ages of people—and those people would dance into the evening. You would watch as the sun bounces off buildings, and then retreats, and the lights surrounding the dance floor pick up the task of lighting glowing faces. Pure magic.

Thirteen nights this summer, you'll find this scene. Each night offers a different theme or type of social dance—Salsa, Swing, Waltz, West Coast Swing, Zydeco, and a few others—in four downtown parks. And if you are walking through the park, you'll know the cue.

You'll find information about Seattle Parks and Recreation's Fire on the Bricks and Dancing 'til Dusk online or you can call 206-264-5646. Come enjoy the magic. You’re invited!

Lilli Ann Carey, Dance for Joy, coordinates Dancing 'til Dusk and Fire on the Bricks on behalf of Seattle Parks and Recreation and helps people "come to know the sheer joy, laughter and fun of dancing together." For more information, visit www.danceforjoy.biz.