Computers and Seniors Today

Today seniors of every age are taking advantage of computers to enhance their lives in many ways.  Not only do computers help older adults stay in touch with the world, but they also stand to benefit by the advantages of new technologies.

Shopping online, online banking and finding information online are convenient for everyone—and all the more so for people with mobility challenges. The internet is a great source of information about "real world" activities and events, providing incentive to remain active in the community. Surfing the web even provides a powerful mood boost: a Phoenix Center study demonstrated that internet use by people over age 65 reduced depression by 20 percent! Computer use can also provide a brain boost.

In Seattle-King County, older adults can benefit from computer classes at community centers, libraries, and senior centers. Seattle residents can also take computer classes through Seniors Training Seniors, a volunteer program administered by the Seattle Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens. To register for classes that start in September, contact Patti-Lyn Bell ( or 206-684-0639) after August 18. Computer-savvy seniors are welcome to apply as instructors.

Give your brain a workout and get some ideas about things you can do with your computer with this month's "Computers and Seniors Today" wordfind, which contains 20 words about the ways older adults are using new technologies.

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