Senior-Friendly Communities Wordfind

Today there are 40 million seniors in America, and a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau tells us that this number will more than double by mid-century. What characteristics allow our cities and neighborhoods to promote independence, physical activity and social connectedness for our older residents?

Give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle, which contains the names of things found in a senior-friendly community.

Click here to download the puzzle. Need a little help? Click here for the solution.


Learn More

The MetLife Mature Market Institute conducted the "Livable Community Indicators for Sustainable Aging in Place" study.

Read "What is Livable? Community Preferences of Older Adults" on the AARP website.

Other great sources of information about creating livable communities for people of all ages include Partners for Livable Communities, the n4a, the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute  and the American Planning Institute.

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