"I Get Around" Wordfind

As we've seen in this issue of AgeWise King County, when seniors and people with disabilities are unable to drive, that doesn’t mean they can't be active in the community.

These days, more and more people, of every age and ability, are opting to leave the car at home or to live completely car-free. As our area continues to grow, Seattle traffic is getting worse and worse! Baby boomers and their parents probably remember when you could hop in the car, zip downtown—and even find a parking space. No more! Alternative transportation is an appealing option for almost everyone.

This month's puzzle contains 20 words all having to do with transportation options that promote an active, engaged life for seniors and people with physical limitations. Why not entertain yourself with the puzzle while you're riding the bus or light rail? That's something you couldn't do if you were struggling through traffic in the driver's seat.



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This Just In!

A September 2014 study from the University of East Anglia in the UK found that walking, biking and taking public transportation offer mental health benefits.

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