Enjoy a Day of Learning at Seattle University

Published on 1 June 2015

Would you like go back to college and not worry about homework or taking tests? Do you want to be taught by dynamic professors who know that older adults want stimulating and engaging opportunities for learning?

Senior Centers Provide a Bevy of Art Opportunities

Published on 5 January 2015

As outlined in the April 2012 issue of AgeWise King County, studies have shown that participation in and access to the arts offer great benefits for older adults. From improving cognitive abilities to combating isolation, the arts play a vital role in healthy aging.

Changing the Way We Think about Alzheimer's—One Painting at a Time

Published on 5 January 2015

We hear a lot about Alzheimer's and dementia these days. Almost always, the stories are depressing—sometimes terrifying. Visions of a demented fog without dignity or meaning. Those with the disease spoken of in the past tense—empty shells where someone used to be.

Reel of Film --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Film Fest Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Older Americans Act

Published on 31 March 2014

Films used to portray older people with a limited number of stereotypes—doddering or irascible, dirty old men, guilt-provoking mothers, simple and forgetful, stuck in the past. Fortunately, the lens widened. Several major Hollywood films show older people with as full a range of needs, personalities and aspirations as other generations. Films as diverse as the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Philomena, Nebraska and documentaries such as Gotta Dance and Alive Inside portray older people as complex, compelling, funny and real.

Reel of Film --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Local Film Festival to Honor 50th Anniversary of the Older Americans Act

Published on 30 October 2013

The Healthy Aging Partnership—a coalition of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and individuals in Seattle-King County—has issued a call for short films about positive aging (i.e., with energy, vitality, creativity and compassion).

Zumba Rhythms Motivate People to Keep Coming Back

Published on 28 June 2013

When Columbian aerobics instructor Alberto "Beto" Perez forgot his aerobics music tape one day, he made the best of it. His backpack held another tape—traditional salsa and merengue music popular in Columbia, which Perez had recorded off the radio—so he improvised. Following his moves, students loved the non-traditional workout and Perez knew he was on to something.

"The Penelope Project" Raises the Bar on Activities for People Living with Dementia

Published on 31 May 2013

This month, the Greenwood Senior Center and Elderwise will screen a recently-released documentary, The Penelope Project, to benefit creative programming for people living with dementia. This one-hour film documents a collaborative effort to dramatically raise the bar on activities in long-term care.

Deepening Self-Knowledge and Forging Connections with Others

Published on 1 October 2012

People who attend conversations, courses, and events presented by Northwest Center for Creative Aging (NWCCA) span a wide range of backgrounds and interests, but share a common goal—they want to learn more about themselves and about what it means to age well.

Changing the World—One Dance Party at a Time

Published on 1 May 2012

In October 2010, Magnus Moseray saw a flyer in the Columbia City Library for a World Dance Party. He only knew the little information provided by the flyer: mini dance lessons would be taught, he should bring a dish for the potluck and, most importantly, it was free. 

Drum Group Helps Muscles and Coordination and Lifts Spirits

Published on 1 May 2012

Admit it. It's hard not to tap your foot or clap along when you hear good music. Being one with the music makes you feel good. It brings joy to the heart and soul.

Sliding to Better Health at the "The Central"

Published on 1 May 2012

What started out as a Sit and Be Fit exercise class almost 20 years ago has evolved into a sliders group that meets twice a week...and occasionally takes the show on the road.

Arts & Healthy Aging: The Evidence is Clear

Published on 2 April 2012

In 2006, Gene D. Cohen, MD released a groundbreaking longitudinal study that measured the effects of participatory arts on older adults.

Transforming Lives Through the Creative Process

Published on 2 April 2012

Path with Art is a Seattle-based nonprofit dedicated to providing adults recovering from homelessness and those "on the margins" the opportunity to engage in the creative process as a unique means to improve and rebuild their lives.

Creativity & Dementia

Published on 2 April 2012

For 25 years, Suzanne Visser worked as an oncology research nurse, caring for individuals battling cancer and helping medical science find answers in the process.

Disability & the Arts: A Conversation with Andrea Parsek and Kelly Rondou

Published on 2 April 2012

ART is NOT an OPTION! is an innovative art program designed to provide artists with disabilities studio workshops and the opportunity to showcase artwork in the community.