Who Do I Call?

Image of broken down older man at psychotherapist's office

Alisha, a 50-year-old woman, works full-time with two teenage children and aging parents. Her dad, age 76, is caring for her mom, age 74, who has mobility issues due to Parkinson's disease. Dad has been caring for mom for five years—he's burnt out and wants to place mom in an adult family home. Alisha wants to support her dad, but does not know what to do.

Community Living Connections (CLC) helps connect older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers to supports and services so they are able to live independently in the community. CLC staff help people navigate the maze of information to recommend resources that best fit individual needs. Staff also help people access resources when they are unable to do so themselves and may help plan for the future through a person-centered interview.

Aging and Disability Services (ADS) recently completed a procurement process and increased the amount of agencies providing CLC and Family Caregiver Support Program services in King County. To read the press release about agencies funded, click here.

Alisha called CLC for a listing of adult family homes in the area. CLC staff helped Alisha understand the needs of her mother and father and recommended home care agencies, volunteer chore services to assist with light housework, and Meals on Wheels to provide meals. Staff also connected Alisha to the King County Caregiver Support Network (caregiver support program agencies) so her father will have resources to help him through his caregiving journey. Dad contacted a caregiver support agency and received a screening and assessment. He may be eligible for respite services.

More information about the service model and network structure will be available later this fall. See "Hub" Model Will Increase Equity and Access and Frequently Asked Questions about Community Living Connections and stay tuned for updates through future AgeWise King County articles.

Contributor Angela Miyamoto is a planner at Aging and Disability Services, the Area Agency on Aging for Seattle-King County. For information about Community Living Connections or the King County Caregiver Support Network, contact Angela at Angela.Miyamoto@Seattle.Gov.