Stay Connected: Get to Know Your Neighbors

Neighbors helping neighbors is the theme of this month's AgeWise King County.

Portrait of happy multiethnic friends standing together

I think of Dori Gillam's article ("The Village Model: Everyone has Something to Contribute to Aging in Place") as sort of a Village Model 101—enough to get you started plus links to local resources. For many people, membership in a virtual village ensures many more years of aging in place, not only because of the services available but opportunities to stay connected.

Tamsen Spengler and Eric Mathison provide similar guidance in "Neighbors Exchange Time to Help Neighbors" and Nikki Bogden's article about NeighborTies describes a model that can also be replicated elsewhere—again, helping neighbors connect. Even EcoConsumer Tom Watson's article ("Decluttering Just Got Easier") contains elements of "neighbors helping neighbors."

I also want to draw your attention to "Night Out," the annual community-building event celebrated in cities across the nation. Night Out promotes neighborhood camaraderie that helps make our neighborhoods safer for people of all ages. For more information, read Live in the Yellow and Don't Hesitate to Call 911 in the August 2014 issue of AgeWise King County. Also visit our calendar page, where there are links to Night Out information in cities throughout King County. And take a break to try your hand at the "What Makes a Neighborhood Great" wordfind in this issue.

If it's not already clear, staying connected is an important theme. Countless studies have told us that two things will help us live longer, healthier lives—physical activity and social connections. I can't think of an easier way than to get to know your neighbors better.

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