Are You Eligible for Property Tax Relief?


The Washington State Legislature recently passed Substitute Senate Bill 5186 that increased the qualifying income from $35,000 annual gross income to $40,000 for the senior/disability property tax exemption effective October 2015.

King County Assessor Lloyd Hara and his office administer this exemption program for low-income seniors 61 years of age and older or property owners with disabilities. Depending on your income, you may be eligible to receive a standard, partial, or full exemption. In addition, the value of your home will be frozen at the valuation of the initial application year. The exemption is a grant provided by the State of Washington and property tax reductions do not have to be repaid upon transfer of ownership.

The income change is not retroactive and will be applied to the 2016 property taxes and subsequent years.

To check your eligibility or for more information, contact the Assessor's Office at 206-296-3920 or visit

2015 Valuation Postcards

The Assessor's Office started mailing the 2015 valuations to property owners in July and will continue through October. Property owners will be able to pre-register to receive future valuation notices electronically via email using the six-digit EVN code printed on the front of the postcard. They will also be able to scan a QR code from the card with a mobile device to pull up their property information on eReal property.

The King County Assessor's Office annually revalues all properties and conducts a physical inspection of each property once every six years.

The 2015 property values are set as of January 1, 2015 and assessed at the full market value based on sales of comparable properties in the same area. For more information about property values, contact the Assessor's Office at 206-296-7300 or e-mail

Property owners have 60 days after the mailing date listed on the property valuation notice to file an appeal of their assessed value with the Board of Appeals/Equalization. The Board is an independent body, separate from the Assessor's Office, and is comprised of King County residents like yourself.


Take a tour! Learn more about the functionality and capabilities of LocalScape by taking a step-by-step tour. Click on the "My Property" tab to get individual property value changes and neighborhood data.


The office also launched LocalScape, a new interactive online app, to track individual property value changes online, along with a rich landscape of data including neighborhood values, sales, permit, Census, and education. Individual property value history is available by selecting the "My Property" tab.

LocalScape recently earned a 2015 Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo)  in the category of Civic Education and Public Information.

Contributor Phillip Sit, King County Assessor's Office, invites you to stay informed about updates and the 2015 revaluation cycle by visiting and/or following the office on Twitter and on Facebook.