Online Services Can Help Keep You Safe in an Emergency


Two online services can help residents of Seattle and King County in emergencies. Smart911 enhances the ability of emergency responders to reach and serve people who call 9-1-1. AlertSeattle provides emergency alerts to Seattle residents. Seattle residents who sign up for Smart911 will be prompted to also sign up for AlertSeattle; however, registration for either program is available separately.

Smart 911

Smart911 provides better information for emergency responders

King County offers Smart911—an online supplemental data service that allows residents of the city of Seattle and unincorporated King County to create a safety profile that can be seen by 9-1-1 emergency responders. Plans are to go countywide in the future.

Smart911 subscribers can include as little or as much information in their profile as they wish (e.g., address, medical and security information). The service is voluntary, and subscribers decide what information they want emergency responders to know in the event that they were to call 9-1-1. People with medical or disability information are especially encouraged to register.

Smart 911 video

Click on the image above to watch a video about Smart911.

To sign up, go to and click on "Sign Up." When you call 9-1-1 from a registered phone number, your profile will be displayed at the 9-1-1 center. The data is secure and is only available to emergency service personnel when you call 9-1-1.

Wireless phone users are also encouraged, as wireless phone calls to 9-1-1 only provide a general location of the caller, not an exact address. Emergency responders can identify registered home, work, school, and other frequent addresses (including apartment and room numbers) more easily.

AlertSeattle provides emergency alerts to Seattle residents

Emergencies happen. When they do, Seattle residents who sign up for AlertSeattle can be the first to know.

Whether it's severe weather, safety, health, utility disruptions, or major traffic incidents, Seattle residents can receive real-time, official notifications from the City of Seattle. For example, if there was a major fire in your neighborhood fire or water contamination, you can receive an official notification from AlertSeattle, informing you of the incident and when it has been resolved. These notifications help you stay informed and stay safe.

AlertSeattle is a free online service. When an emergency occurs in the city of Seattle, everyone enrolled will receive a notification via text message, e-mail, voice message and/or social media (Facebook and Twitter). This service is provided by the City of Seattle at no cost (message and data rates may apply). Your information is private and will not be used, shared or distributed in any manner.

Click on the image above to watch a Seattle Channel City Stream video about AlertSeattle.

Enrolling in AlertSeattle is simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Register your information.
  3. Indicate how to reach you (via text message, e-mail or voice message).
  4. Select the types of alerts you want to receive.
  5. Receive alerts and stay informed!

AlertSeattle is available to anyone who lives, works, travels through or visits Seattle. Learn more and sign up now at

Photo credit: King County Medic One Paramedic Unit photo at top by Deersirhc, accessed 7/27/15 on Wikipedia.


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