Introducing Community Living Connections

Good news—Community Living Connections is now available throughout King County! Adults dealing with aging or disability issues now have easier access to services and information. Community Living Connections staff are highly trained and skilled at finding people the right kind of help, where and when they need it.

If you or someone you know is facing aging or disability issues, contact Community Living Connections:
1-844-348-5464 (toll free)

All calls to the Community Living Connections line are free and confidential.

Our staff will help you figure out the kind of assistance that meets your needs. One of the many benefits of Community Living Connections is that we offer access to a network of services and providers close to your community.


  1. What is Community Living Connections?
    It's a network of advocates for adults facing aging or disability issues. Community Living Connections provides anyone who calls with a caring, highly-trained specialist who will give them easy access to information, individual consultation and service options. Often, we can connect people with services close to their home, reducing stress and travel time.
  2. Who is able to receive help?
    While our services are geared toward those needing help with aging or disability issues, Community Living Connections staff will help anyone who calls.
  3. How reliable is your network?
    Community Living Connections provides the most comprehensive, reliable network for aging and disability services in the King County area. Our highly-trained staff and network of providers are supported by a broad base of funders giving us the ability to offer people a variety of options for programs and services.
  4. How much does it cost?
    Calls are free and confidential.
  5. How do I get help?
    Call Community Living Connections at 206-962-8467, or toll free 1-844-348-5464.

Contributor Angela Miyamoto, a planner at Aging and Disability Services, the Area Agency on Aging for Seattle-King County, has worked with the State of Washington and local providers to develop Community Living Connections throughout King County. A website will be launched this fall.

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