"If I Live to Be 100" Wordfind

We often see it in the news: a senior with 100 candles on their cake, offering advice to help others achieve the same longevity.

Will you live to be 100? Would you want to? More and more of us will reach that milestone, say experts. According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, there are more than 67,000 American centenarians, and that number is expected to double by 2030.

The Boston College experts and others say that Americans should be prepared for these extra years—35 past the traditional age of retirement and even beyond. What will this longevity mean for our work life? Our relationships? Our ongoing education? Our financial health?

Other experts remind us that eldercare systems worldwide should be preparing. King's College London researcher Nisha Hazra says, "As the number of people living to 100 continues to increase, it's very important to understand the evolving health care needs of the oldest old."

But perhaps some of the best advice comes from centenarians themselves! On their 100th birthday, people are frequently asked by friends, family and even the media to share their thoughts about living a long, happy life. This month's puzzle contains the names of 20 things they often name.

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