"Seniors in the City" Wordfind

October 1 is the 25th annual International Day of Older Persons. Sponsored by the United Nations, this event is intended to raise awareness of issues affecting seniors worldwide.

This year, the focus is on seniors in the urban environment—both the effect that cities have on seniors, and the effect that the world's growing population of older adults will have on our cities. According to UN experts, over half of all seniors will live in cities by the year 2030—and in developing countries, a quarter of all residents will be older than 60.

This month's puzzle contains the names of 20 ways cities can support the well-being of the oldest members of our global society.

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Visit the United Nations Division for Social Policy and Development website to learn more about the International Day of Older Persons.

Visit Aging and Disability Services' Create Livable Communities webpage for information about local housing, design, and transportation planning efforts.

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