Dementia: A Silent Pain in the Latino Community

Published on 29 October 2015

A couple of years ago, after an open-heart surgery, my mom started showing signs of dementia during her recovery time. None of my nine siblings were even talking about her forgetful pattern. Not because they were ignoring the signs, but because they didn't know anything about dementia.

Honoring Asian-American/Pacific Islander Health Equity Advocates

Published on 30 July 2015

With rising diversity in King County, I'd like to take this opportunity to share some insights on a group that often gets overlooked but desperately needs equitable access to services. Asian-Americans are the largest group of minorities in King County, comprising 16 percent of our population. And 40 percent of Asian-American seniors in our county live in poverty (household income less than $25,000).

Enjoy a Day of Learning at Seattle University

Published on 1 June 2015

Would you like go back to college and not worry about homework or taking tests? Do you want to be taught by dynamic professors who know that older adults want stimulating and engaging opportunities for learning?

Hopelink Travel Program Helps Take the Fear Out of Public Transit

Published on 30 September 2014

It's tricky to learn how to find bus stops, where to get on and off of buses, and how to ask for help when you don't speak English. For some, it's downright scary.

Aging Your Way Conference Will Build Community Connections

Published on 31 March 2014

One measure of aging well is being connected in your community. People who know their neighbors, are involved in community events, share their talents and accept help when they need it are less likely to be isolated, ill and lonely.

There lies the key question: How is it that some people are well-connected, thriving community members and others … not so much?  How do people get connected and what do they connect to?

The Golden Jubilee of the Civil Rights Act

Published on 31 January 2014

In February 2014—Black History Month—we celebrate The Golden Jubilee of the Civil Rights Act. Individuals, groups and organizations throughout the country will host a variety of activities to celebrate the continuing significance of the Act passed 50 years ago and the significant contributions African Americans have made throughout the history of the United States.

Storytelling Goes Digital

Published on 31 January 2014

Digital storytelling is a practice with roots in the 1970s and 80s. With the advance of digital technology—especially smart phones that snap a photo or capture action so conveniently—the opportunities for using this technique are endless. Anyone with a camera and a newer computer can share family history, personal accounts of meaningful experiences, educational information, and images and information that can change their future.

Black History Month Scramble

Published on 31 January 2014

Diabetes is a Family Affair

Published on 30 October 2013

Did you know that nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, a serious disease in which blood glucose (blood sugar) levels are above normal? Most people with diabetes have type 2, which used to be called adult-onset diabetes.  At one time, type 2 diabetes was more common in people over age 45. Now more young people—even children—have the disease because many are overweight or obese.

Changing the World—One Dance Party at a Time

Published on 1 May 2012

In October 2010, Magnus Moseray saw a flyer in the Columbia City Library for a World Dance Party. He only knew the little information provided by the flyer: mini dance lessons would be taught, he should bring a dish for the potluck and, most importantly, it was free. 

Mayor Seeks Candidates for African American Elders Council

Published on 29 February 2012

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn seeks candidates to fill five positions on the Mayor's Council on African American Elders (MCAAE).

Links You Can Use

Published on 29 February 2012

Links you can use.

Puzzle: "Black History Month"

Published on 2 March 2012

February is Black History Month.

Free Tax Prep Helps You Keep More of Your Hard Earned Money

Published on 28 December 2011

With the help of hundreds of volunteers every year, United Way of King County helps people file their tax returns and secure all of the refunds and credits for which they're eligible, including the Earned Income Tax Credit.