Good News for the Flu Season: Better Vaccine and a High-Dose Option

Published on 29 October 2015

Older adults are at greater risk for serious illness and hospitalization from the flu. Fortunately, there is a high-dose formulation that offers more protection. We sat down with Libby Page from Public Health—Seattle & King County’s Immunizations Program to find out the latest.

Things I Know for Sure About Successful Aging

Published on 1 June 2015

Oprah knows a lot of things for sure. If you didn't know that, click here. She knows a few things about aging, too (click here). But there are two things I know for sure about aging that aren't on her lists, and they are backed up time and time again by current research.

Where There's Hope, There's Life

Published on 31 March 2015

Many of us face health challenges, perhaps even life-altering events. A positive attitude combined with the skills and confidence to deal effectively with the hurdles, obstacles, and challenge we find thrown into our paths can make a big difference in our health status and outcome.

Flossing: It's the New Yoga

Published on 31 March 2015

As a planner at Aging and Disability Services—the Area Agency on Aging for Seattle-King County—I've had the privilege to work on oral health initiatives with the Washington Dental Service Foundation, which has devised a creative campaign for flossing and oral health: The Mighty Mouth.

Doctor helps the patient and gives the eye drops

Your Eyes Are Windows to Your Overall Health

Published on 2 March 2015

You may not think about it until you try to thread a needle, read a book with fine print, or see objects in a darkened room. Or perhaps you know someone who has experienced cataracts, macular degeneration, or glaucoma. You discover that it's important to take care of your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Community Living Connections

Published on 5 January 2015

Aging and Disability Services is in the process of forming a Community Living Connection-Aging and Disability Resource Network (CLC-ADRN) in Seattle-King County. Services will be available in 2015.

Health Plan Enrollment Season Now Open

Published on 5 January 2015

In just the first year of expanded access under the federal Affordable Care Act, more than a third of the uninsured residents in King County have enrolled in a health insurance plan. Now, King County is redoubling efforts to reach the remaining uninsured. The state's second "Open Enrollment" season launched in mid-November.

Be Smart About Your Heart: Control the ABCs of Diabetes

Published on 30 October 2014

November is National Diabetes Month. This year, the National Diabetes Education Program brings attention to the link between diabetes and heart disease with the theme, Be Smart About Your Heart: Control the ABCs of Diabetes.

Lung Cancer in Women: The Facts, New Screening Guidelines, and How You Can Help Change the Lung Cancer Landscape

Published on 30 June 2014

We recognize the pink ribbon for breast cancer and the red dress for women's heart health. Yet lung cancer, as the leading cancer killer among men and women, takes the lives of more than 150,000 people each year—more than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined—and in 1987 surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

ADS Nurses Provide Essential Care and Support

Published on 30 April 2014

Did you know that the City of Seattle has nurses on staff? Many people are surprised to learn that the Aging and Disability Services (ADS) Case Management Program employs nurses. Currently, ADS has nine nurses who work nurse consultants and care transition coaches. Two of the nurses also work as chronic care managers.

Free Healthy Home Assessments for a Fresh Start to 2014

Published on 31 December 2013

For many of us, the coming of a new year brings about thoughts of self-improvement and goal setting to become healthier and happier. In this burst to set resolutions, we often ignore the impact our home environment can have on our health. This year, start off right by learning how a free healthy home visit can help identify potential problems and create an action plan that may help to reduce exposure to pollutants and poor indoor air quality.

Flu is Serious Business for Seniors—Get Vaccinated!

Published on 2 December 2013

Anyone can be infected with influenza, but seniors—adults 65 years and older—are at highest risk for serious influenza infections. Ninety percent of flu-related deaths and more than half of flu-related hospitalizations occur in people age 65 and older.  

Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens Expands Access to Services

Published on 1 August 2013

he Seattle Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens now offers information on health insurance, estate planning, and other legal issues at their office, conveniently located on the 3rd Avenue busway in downtown Seattle. The Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens is located in the Central Building, Suite 350, 810 3rd Avenue (between Columbia & Marion Streets).

If You Have Psoriasis, You May Feel All Alone

Published on 1 August 2013

Rose has a skin problem: psoriasis. It's ongoing. The flare-ups are annoying, painful, and embarrassing. At times, she wears long sleeves and gloves because she does not want to draw attention to the dry, scaly patches on her arms and hands. The condition isn't contagious, but who wants to be asked, "what's wrong with your skin?"

Drawn-Out Legislative Session Ends on Positive Note

Published on 1 August 2013

The three legislative sessions of 2013 were exhausting for advocates and legislators alike, and one threatened to shut down state government if it lasted into July. But after 153 days, with two special sessions, a budget deal was finally reached on June 27th. The results for older adults and the disabled were … not bad at all.

Cataracts: The Leading Cause of Vision Loss

Published on 28 June 2013

A cataract is a clouding of the eye's lens and is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. In the U.S., it is the leading cause of vision loss.

Men's Health—Time to Take Charge!

Published on 31 May 2013

It's never too late to change our health behaviors. What's more, we have an opportunity to help our sons and grandsons understand the importance of building a trusting relationship with a primary care physician, getting necessary immunizations, eating right (more fiber, less sugar, healthier fats), and exercising regularly.

Male Health: Your Car Gets Regular Tune Ups, Shouldn't You?

Published on 31 May 2013

Most men are very good providers when it comes to support of family and work. Unfortunately, men fall short when providing for themselves, at least with respect to their own health.

Multi-ethnic men (50s and 60s) wearing workout clothes, in park after exercising.

Men's Oral Health

Published on 31 May 2013

According to surveys and studies from the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association, men are less likely than women to seek preventive dental care and often neglect their oral health for years.

Give the Gift of Oral Health

Published on 28 November 2012

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's a great time to consider the importance of our own oral health and the health of our loved ones.

Manage Instead of Being Managed by Your Chronic Disease

Published on 1 November 2012

How many times have we heard our doctor, family, or friends who care about us say that the keys to a healthy life are exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and managing stress? 

Reviewing Your Meds Can Reduce Your Risk of Falling

Published on 30 August 2012

As we age, our risk of falling increases. This is no surprise to anyone but more of us are living to an old age and the number of elderly people falling is growing.

Vaccines For Older Adults—A Lifetime Of Good Health!

Published on 31 May 2012

Many people think that only young children need vaccinations, but did you know that there are also vaccines specifically recommended for older adults? 

Diabetes and Dental Care: Guide to a Healthy Mouth

Published on 31 May 2012

What do brushing and flossing have to do with diabetes? Plenty. If you have diabetes, here's why dental care matters—and how to take care of your teeth and gums.

Planning for Financial Fitness at Retirement

Published on 29 February 2012

Planning for retirement often feels like a guessing game.

Heart Healthy at Any Age

Published on 29 February 2012

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in America.

Navigating the Healthcare System: Planning for a Discharge from a Healthcare Facility

Published on 2 March 2012

National data show that as many as one in five patients discharged from the hospital will be readmitted within 30 days.

Navigating the Health Care System: Improving Health Care through Patient/Family-Centered Care

Published on 28 December 2011

Everyone has an idea about how to make the health care safer, better, cheaper but one of the best ideas is patient-centered care.